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Independent Technologies

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Independent Resources

Sub Categories

Independent Platform Section Introduction

This section provides documentation and information about technologies that are capable of operation or use regardless of the operating system platform. The following categories apply here:

  • Networking Protocols, documentation and issues.
  • Computer Security including protocols, algorithms, attack and defense descriptions.
  • Publishing technologies such as SGML.
  • Programming Languages such as C, C++, Lisp and ADA.
  • Web based technologies such as
    • HTML
    • XML
    • DHTML
    • PHP
    • JAVA
    • Graphics
    • HTTP
    • CGI
    • SSI
    • JavaScript
    • Perl script

Enterprise Solutions and Servers

This section also touches on the basics of Business Enterprise Solutions for database management and information presentation. There are many technologies involved in this area. Therefore this section touches on these technologies to give a basic understanding of the use of these technologies. For additional information, for example to learn more about Microsoft technologies, the reader may (or may not) find more information in the specific platform area.


This section also briefly discusses some types of servers giving an overview of their use and characteristics. These servers are used as part of enterprise solutions.


This section also outlines the model view controller (MVC) programming model. This applies to programming but not necessarily to any language in particular although it was developed with Smalltalk and is now used by Java. Programming models may later be moved to the programming section.