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Database Server

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Database Server Resources


  1. MySQL Reference
  2. Beginners SQL Guide
  3. Basic Database Guide

Database Server Web Links

Database Server Introduction

This section provides database server information and documentation. It currently contains several worthwhile weblinks and the following documentation:

  • Basic Database Guide - Gives a general description of the various database types. Gives information about their characteristics and outlines advantages and disadvantages.
  • Beginner's SQL Guide - Describes basic SQL commands and how to use them.

Server Types

There are several kinds of database servers which include:

  • Flat file database servers
  • Relational database servers
  • Object database servers
  • Object relational database servers

The most popular today are Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). However, object database servers may someday overtake the relational database servers.

Object Database Servers

Object database servers use an Object Query Language (OQL) as a standard language for communication.