The CTDP Model View Controller Guide Version 0.2.0 February 25, 2001


This document is not complete!

The Model View Concept

The Model View Controller concept provides for the support of multiple synchronized presentation of information in a graphical form. Using the Model View Concept, the basic behavior of the world is handled as objects. These objects apply to three areas of function which are:

  • View - Provides for the management of viewable output to the user for the application.
  • Controller - Commands the view or model to change as user inputs from the mouse and/or keyboard are received.
  • Model - Controls the application data manipulation and application behavior as instructions and requests are received.

The various views, controller, and model must communicate with other in order to provide update information. For instance if the data being displayed is changed, one or more views may be required to be changed. If this data change is from the user, the controller may be able to inform the view directly of the change. However if the change of information does not come from the user, the model will need to inform the view object about the change.

Class Support

The Model View Controller concept is supported by a large set of classes.