1. Software Standards Specification
  2. Software Requirements Definition
  3. Software Best Practices
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  6. Cookie Requirements
  7. Access Failure Error Checking
  8. Buffer Overflow
  9. Code Structure
  10. Software Functions
  11. Software Modules
  12. Requirements for Variables
  13. Software Code Comment Requirements
  14. Quality Code Requirements
  15. Software Code Review
  16. Software Code Testing Requirements
  17. Software Change Control

    Security Best Practices

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Quality Code Requirements

General Quality Programming Requirements

This page provides several quality code requirements.

  • Minimum documentation of code according to the code documentation standard.
  • The use of global data must be limited and when used, it must be documented in the function what global data is used. Where the global data is instantiated, it must be documented what functions may modify the data.
  • Only one program statement should be put on each line.
  • Routines/program code containing functionality which is commonly used such as password reset, login screens, validating and parsing of user input, and display screens should be created and placed in a library where it can be shared with other programmers in the organization. This code should be optimized and designed to be secure. All shared code should be reviewed for flaws before it is shared.
  • Programmers are required to use the library of shared code wherever possible to support their project. This will decrease development cost and increase security since the shared code was previously reviewed for flaws.