1. Software Standards Specification
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  7. Access Failure Error Checking
  8. Buffer Overflow
  9. Code Structure
  10. Software Functions
  11. Software Modules
  12. Requirements for Variables
  13. Software Code Comment Requirements
  14. Quality Code Requirements
  15. Software Code Review
  16. Software Code Testing Requirements
  17. Software Change Control

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Requirements for Variables

Requirements for variables include the items listed.

  • Minimum use of global variables.
  • Any modules that use global variables must be identified.
  • The input and output variables associated with each function should be identified in comment code at the start of each function.
  • All variables should be explicitly declared and given an initial value.
  • Hierarchial data structures should be used to keep the data and program structured.
  • Variable names should be meaningful.
  • Variable names should be in lower case.
  • Use simple incrementer variables for loops counters such as the Fortran integer variable names which are i, j, k, l, m, and n.
  • In graphics or coordinates, use variables x, y, and z for coordinates.