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Security Resources


  1. Security Recommendations
  2. Security Policies


  1. Preventing Viruses
  2. Patching Windows Systems
  3. Home Computer Security
  4. Choosing passwords

Under Construction

  1. Virtual Private Networking Reference
  2. Security Guide
  3. Security Terms


  1. Computer Security Today

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Computer and Network Security

This section contains computer security information and documentation.

Security Subcatagories

Since computer security is such a broad subject and encompasses so many different areas of functionality, I like to think of it as being broken down into the following subcategories:

  • Security protocols, their strengths, weaknesses, and how they work (How to use them for secure user authentication and data transfer).
  • Being able to write security algoithms, both in mathmatical formulas and/or write the programs. Normally a mathmetician is best qualified here
  • Knowing various security vulnerabilities of certain operating systems (posted in security bulletins) and knowing how to guard against them.
  • Knowledge about security attacks used by hackers to break into networks and systems.
  • Knowing how to set traps for those who try to break into systems.
  • Knowing how to set up effective and secure firewalls to keep hackers from other networks or the internet from breaking into private networks.

Current Documentation

This section currently includes:

  • Security Recommendations - This guide is still under construction but has useful information describing attacks, limitations, and defenses. It also gives recommendations for solutions to various security problems.
  • Security Procedures - Lists many computer security procedures with some examples and explanations about how to develop security procedures.
  • Security Guide - This document is in the early stages and currently lists a few security functions and protocols.