UML Design Class Diagram

UML design class diagrams (DCD) show software class definitions. They are based on the collaboration diagram. Attribute visibility is shown for permanent connections. Classes are shown with their simple attributes and methods listed.

DCD Syntax

Some attributes are depicted using associations (relationships) rather than actually being listed in the class block. These associated attributes refer to complex objects which should also be shown in the diagram. The collaboration diagram indicates methods to be contained in a class with methods posted as relationships. For instance the Schedule class has a findSeat(route, preference) method.

Partial Design Class Diagram

Temporary visibility between classes is depicted using dashed lines. Methods to be included in the class will include:


The following optional characters in front of class attributes or methods depict meaning as shown below:

If the method or attribute is listed in italics text, it is abstract. If text is underlined, the method or attribute is static.

Multiplicity Example

Multiplicity is shown the same as in the Domain Model. The diagram below illustrates that the * next to the menuItem indicates multiplicity of the menuItem object.

DCD Syntax
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