UML High Level Use Case

A UML high level essential use case is a brief description of the main processes used to accomplish the system function. A high level use case each of the major processes in the system and therefore there is one high level use case for each of the major processes. The high level use case verbally describes the following:

  • Name of the process.
  • The actors involved with the initiating actor defined.
  • The type of use case.
  • The description of the process.


Name: SystemAction

Actors: Person1 (Initiator), Person2, OtherSystem

Type: Primary

Description: The use case begins when Person1 arrives at the system with items and...


In the case of a customer using a carwash to wash their car an example High Level Primary Use Case would be as follows:

Name: WashCar

Actors: Customer (Initiator)

Type: Primary

Description: The use case begins when the Customer arrives at the car wash with their car, pays for a car wash, washes their car, and the customer leaves with a clean car.