The CTDP SSI Tutorial Version 0.6.0, October 1, 2000

SSI Tutorial

This SSI tutorial explains how to use SSI, how SSI impacts the performance of your web site, provides a list of SSI commands. This SSI tutorial provides examples of the use of SSI commands.

SSI stands for server side includes. SSI is a method of invoking script programs that run on the web server to perform some function and/or add information to a web page. For instance SSI can be a useful aid if you want to do some of the following:

  • Add a hit counter to your page or passively count hits on your page.
  • Add file information to your page, such as the last update date.
  • Include another HTML file in your page.

SSI includes are not without some drawbacks which are:

  • They significantly increase the work the server must do, therefore they should be used conservatively.
  • There are some security concerns when SSI is used.

The additional burden on the server is due to the fact that the server must search the ".shtml" file for server side include statements, then serve the whole page including any output from any script called in the ".shtml" file.