A Practical Guide to Business Policies, Processes and Structure

This document provides business policies, business processes and a business structure designed to ensure both efficiency and accountability. When followed, it will help make your organization structurally effective with appropriate interrelationships between groups to support proper communication. This guide ensures proper project design methodologies, policies, and procedures are followed.

This guide is free to browse and use but a donation is expected for individuals and business who use it significantly or gain a significant benefit from it. Although it is mostly complete, this guide is still a work in progress and donations will help get it completed and updated.

Donation recommendations are:

  • Individuals and business under 200 employees - $4.95
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This guide considers things beyond the typical auditing function which determines weaknesses in the system and examines where policies or procedures do not exist while allowing auditing and oversight to determine specific shortcomings to specific policy and/or procedures.

This document considers how can the business be structured to be responsive to its stakeholders.

Stakeholders include:

  • Customers
  • Stockholders (founders)
  • Other investors
  • Community
  • Employees

Business must include processes that allow for both efficiency and oversight. Power must be correctly allocated so abuses of the system can be detected and remediated.

The structure of the business, policies, and processes that make up the business must be designed so they provide the best possible quality for the lowest cost. The customer must remain central as a goal to meet the customer needs. This means the business must be customer centered while being very efficient.