Keys to Organizational Success

  • Balance of Power - One section of the company must not dominate other sections. If marketing tells engineering how to build, the balance of power may be unhealthy. Unbalance of power may cause fear and dishonesty.
  • Pro-active Management - Vision to see opportunity and the vision to set the plan with the correct timing..
  • Employees - Training, longevity, motivation, trust, honesty
  • Planning and Communication to communicate opportunity and vision, make a plan, then implement it.
  • Development and management process maturity - The development group must be efficient and innovative to come up with good technical products or provide proper support.
  • Flexibility - Not beauracratic and able to adjust to new requirements or situations.
  • Quality - The organization must be customer oriented and deliver a quality product that will keep customers returning.
  • Marketing - Even as an engineer, I've seen inferior products win more market share than better products. If your organization is to survive in our society, it must have adequate marketing and exposure to its customer base. Marketing strategies must also be well thought out. for instance sometimes proprietary marketing strategies may be self defeating. The cases of Sony Betamax, Apple Lisa and many others demonstrate the failure of proprietary strategies. The case of the IBM PC is an example of a successful open marketing strategy.
  • Invention - Ability to solve problems and create new products.