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Web Site Organization

There are three main technical categories of information on this site.

  1. Operating systems - Technologies and programs that are dependent on the operating system or platform. The two main categories to be included here are:
    • Windows
    • Linux

    If someone is interested in contributing information on the Apple/MacIntosh platform, or other computer platforms, this information can also be added. Programming languages are included here to the extent that they apply to the platform. Programs that run under a specific system will be placed here.

  2. Hardware - This section covers documentation and information about the various computer platforms. It may also include hardware information that is unrelated to computer platforms, such as the use of hardware devices such as logic gates and field programmable gate arrays (FPGA). It currently contains a hardware manual in the PC section.
  3. Independent - Technologies that are not dependent on an operating system platform. These include network, web based, and publishing technologies such as HTML, XML, DHTML, SGML, JAVA, and more. Web technologies include HTML, XML, JAVA, and graphics. This section also includes programming languages to the extent that they are not dependent upon the platform. The organization is:
    • Webtech
      • Markup Languages
        • HTML
        • XML
      • CGI
      • HTTP
      • PHP
      • JAVA
      • Wireless
      • MIME
      • Graphics
    • Networking
    • Security
    • Programming
    • Enterprise solutions
    • Directory Services
    • Connectivity Technology
    • SQL servers
    • Application servers
    • UML
    • MVC

Therefore to find a computer program for a operating system such as windows look in the windows operating system section for a section called programs. If the program is written in a platform independent language such as JAVA, look in the platform independent section under JAVA.

Articles and Editorials

Articles and editorials normally will be placed in the appropriate technology location depending on their subject matter. An editorial written about the use of Linux would, for example, be placed in the section about Linux. Articles that are more general in nature such as those about general technology issues or the affect of this project on the technical industry will be placed in the section "Articles" on the main page.

Other Categories

Other categories related to general information and this website include:

  • Other Resources which exist on the main page and in various appropriate categories.
    • Articles - Technical articles posted by members about new technologies or issues affecting technology.
    • Editorials - Editorials posted by members.
    • Websites - A list of worthwhile websites for general use.
  • Services
    • Services - Shows a list of services available through this project.
    • Purchases - Shows how to make a purchase.
  • This Site - Describes this Project, its goals, policies, standards, and membership terms. By reading this section, you can make an informed decision about joining this project.
    • Home - A link back to the home page.
    • About Us - Explains the project, its organization, and our service policies.
    • Operations - Explains the following subcategories related to the membership, objectives, and policies of this project.
      • Objectives - Explains the objectives of this project.
      • Membership - The conditions of membership and an explanation of member benefits. Also the procedure for making a contribution is described here.
      • Policies - The overall policies of this organization with reguard to membership, compensating members, possible growth, and finances.
      • Standards - The standards for document generation.
      • Goals - A list of current goals for this project.
      • Status - The status on current projects.
    • Join - A page showing the link and explaining how to join.
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  • Security: Security Guide
  • Java:
    • Java Guide