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  1. Introduction

    Files and File Structure

  2. File Structure
  3. Configuration Files
  4. File Formats


  5. Filesystem Management
  6. File Management and Viewing
  7. Help, Job and Process Management
  8. Network Management
  9. System Management
  10. User Management
  11. Printing and Programming
  12. Document Preparation
  13. Miscellaneous
  14. Credits

Miscellaneous Linux Commands

Keys and keycodes and console

dumpkeysDump keyboard translation tables.
getkeycodesPrint kernel scancode-to-keycode mapping table.
lesskeySpecify key bindings for less.
loadkeysLoad keyboard translation tables.
psfaddtableAdd a unicode character table to a console font.
psfgettableExtract the embedded Unicode character table from a console font.
psfstriptableRemove the embedded Unicode character table from a console font.
resizeconsChange kernel idea of the console size.
setkeycodesLoad kernel scancode-to-keycode mapping table.

Ncurses functions

captoinfoConvert a termcap description into a terminfo description.
clearClear the terminal screen.
infocmpCompare or print out terminfo descriptions.
resetRestore run-time parameters for session to default values.
tieMerge or apply WEB change files.
toeTable of terminfo entries.
tputInitialize a terminal or query terminfo database.
tsetTerminal initialization.

CD programs

cdparanoiaAn audio CD reading utility.
cdrecordRecord audio or data compact Disks from a master.


aliasEx:: alias dir='ls -a' - Effect: Makes dir list all files (no spaces next to the = sign).
bisonGNU project parser generator.
chvtChange foreground virtual terminal.
crackProgram used to find bad passwords or crack security.
cvsConcurrent Versions System.
deallocvtGets rid of unused virtual terminals.
dumpkeysDump keyboard translation tables.
fc Fix command. Used to edit the commands in the current history list.
gdbmThe GNU database manager.
gpmA cut and paste mouse server.
historyShow commands listed in the shell history (last n).
liloBoot management program.
mcVisual shell for Unix like system. A file manager.
ncA file manager.
pdkshPublic domain Korn shell.
pilotFilesystem browser.
PS1="Please enter a command"Set Bash level 1 response.
PS2="I need more information"Set Bash level 2 response.
rcsRecision Control system. Change RCS file attributes.
sashStandalone shell with built in commands.
screenScreen manager with VT100 terminal emulation.
sleepEx: "sleep 2" - wait 2 seconds.
tcshC shell with filename completion and command line editing.
unaliasEx: "unalias dir" - Effect: Removes the alias dir.
unitsUnit conversion program.
  • set - Ex: set t=/temp
  • unset - Ex: unset t
  • echo - Ex: echo $t
zshThe Z shell.
ttysnoopA program that comes with some systems that lets the administrator to snoop on the user's terminals.