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  1. Introduction

    Files and File Structure

  2. File Structure
  3. Configuration Files
  4. File Formats


  5. Filesystem Management
  6. File Management and Viewing
  7. Help, Job and Process Management
  8. Network Management
  9. System Management
  10. User Management
  11. Printing and Programming
  12. Document Preparation
  13. Miscellaneous
  14. Credits

Linux Printing and Programming

Linux Printing

bannerPrint a large banner on printer.
lprPrint, submits a job to the printer.
Ex: lpr -Pdest filename. Dest is the destination printer. the name of the file to print is filename.
lpcLets you check the status of the printer and set its state.
lpqShows the contents of a spool directory for a given printer.
lprm Removes a job from the printer queue.
gsGhostscript - A PostScript interpreter.
prPrint a file. Ex: pr filename |pg.
tunelpSet various parameters for the lp device.

Linux Programming

awkC programming language - allows finding of lines with specific characters.
bcA precision calculator language.
cprotoReads in c source files and generates function prototypes for all the functions.
ctagsGenerate tag (index) files for source code.
dialogDisplay dialog boxes from shell scripts.
egcsGNU project C and C++ compiler.
f2cConverts fortran code to c code.
gawkPattern scanning and processing language. GNU's implementation of awk.
gccGNU c and c++ compiler.
-gProduce debugging information.
-pgGenerate profile info that will allow the gprof program to display timing info.
gdbDebugging program.
gprofIn /usr/bin, allows you to tell where most of the execution time is spent in a program.
igawkGawk with include files.
indentReformats c source code for consistent indenting and opening and closing brackets consistent.
ld The GNU linker.
ld86Linker for as86.
makeGNU make utility to maintain a group of programs.
nmLists symbols from object files.
objcopyCopy and translate object files.
objdumpDisplay information from object files.
p2cConverts pascal code to c code.
promptset prompt = "waldo" (in C shell) ps1 = 'waldo' (in BOURNE shell)
PS1="[\u@\h \w]\\$ " makes prompt = [username@hostname current directory]
see the BASH or your shell's man page for more information.
sizeList section sizes and total size.
stripDiscard symbols from object files.
xxgdbX windows based graphical user interface to gdb.

Scripting Languages

PerlA command interpreter for the Practical Extraction and Report Language (perl).
PythonA report language.
TclTool command language shell. Enter by typing tclsh.
infoReturn information about the state of the Tcl interpreter.
TkA graphical user extension to Tcl based on X windows. Commands are same as Tcl.