1. Introduction

    System Information

  2. Inter-Process Communication
  3. Signals

    Programming in Various Environments

  4. Script Programming
    1. Script Variables
    2. Test Conditions
    3. Control and Iteration
    4. Commonly used Programs
    5. Shell Capabilities
    6. Example looping script
    7. Example using Variables
    8. Example working with files
    9. Example install script
  5. C and C++ Programming
    1. POSIX System Capabilities
    2. More POSIX
    3. Threads
    4. Mutexes
    5. An example viewmod program
    6. An example serial program
  6. X Programming
  7. Debugging
  8. Credits

The CTDP Linux Programmer's Guide Version 0.3.0 July 1, 2000


Since Linux programming incorporates a wide set of skills and information, this guide is separated into several sections.

  • Script writing
  • C and C++ Programming using the various libraries
  • X programming and libraries

The C and C++ section will address the Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX). What about ncurses libraries?