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Windows Resources


  1. Graphical Windows 2000 Guide
  2. Windows TCP/IP Reference
  3. Windows NT Workstation Reference
  4. Windows NT Server Reference
  5. Windows Howtos for Users
  6. Windows 2000 Tutorial
  7. NFTS Rights For Fun and Profit


  1. Replicating Public Folder Contacts
  2. Re-installing a Domain Controller
  3. Patch Windows RPC Fault

Under Construction

  1. Windows SQL Server Reference
  2. Windows Registry Reference
  3. Windows 95/98/ME Reference
  4. Windows 2000 Professional Guide
  5. Exchange 2000 Server Guide

Windows Web Links

Windows Operating Systems

This section is intended for Windows programs, documentation, articles, tips, editorials and associated web links. This section will cover all Windows versions from Windows 95 through Windows 2000.

This section currently contains several Windows NT documents and Windows operating systems links.


Current Windows Documentation includes:

  • Complete Windows 2000 Guide - Includes detailed information about how Windows 2000 works along with many descriptions of its feastures and use. This guide is available in in Downloadable Zipped PDF Formfor off line reading.
  • Windows TCP/IP Reference - Includes information about the OSI network model, TCP/IP addressing, SNMP, network tools (such as arp, ifconfig, netstat, nslookup, and route), ARP protocol, WINS, DNS, DHCP, RAS, and name resolution order for Windows networking.
  • NFTS Rights For Fun and Profit - Explains the value of structuring file permissions and covers some permission settings.
  • NT Workstation Guide - This document includes information about the system registry, configuration files, security, application support (NTVDM, WOW subsystem, POSIX, OS/2), system installation, the NT filesystem (including NTFS, FAT, VFAT, FAT32), system control panel, system utilities and tools, system commands, environment variables, printing, system performance, system services, user management, user rights, file permissions, NT groups, auditing, user profiles, system policies, network browsing, RAS, NT network model, How resources are accessed and how the redirector works, supported network protocols, system events, error handling, and diagnostic tools.
  • NT Server Guide - This document includes information about NT Server utilities, the control panel, printing, filesystems, security, server roles, fault tolerance (including diak mirroring, disk striping, disk duplexing, RAID), volume sets, user accounts, NT groups, policies, user rights, auditing, user profiles, roaming profiles, domains (PDC and BDC), SAM synchronization, server management tools, directory replication, licensing issues, client administration, netware tools, MacIntosh support, RAS server, SNMP, DHCP, DNS, WINS, Mail, IIS, Routing, Firewalls, MPR, and static and dynamic routing.