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  1. Introduction
  2. OSI Layers
  3. Addresses
  4. SNMP
  5. Network Tools
  6. Routing
  7. ARP
  8. WINS
  9. DNS
  10. NIS
  11. DHCP
  12. Name Resolution
  13. RAS
  14. Connections
  15. Test Pointers
  16. Items to remember
  17. Terms
  18. Credits

Test Pointers

Performance and Statistics Information Gathering

Performance Monitor Uses:

  • Construct Capacity planning on all statistical data.
  • Export statistics to a spreadsheet.
  • Monitor over time for total connections and data transmitted.

Netstat uses:

  • View cumulative statistics since computer booted.
  • View IP and ethernet statistics.
  • View routing tables.

Network Monitor uses:

  • Used to view IP and ethernet statistics.
  • Used to chart the number of TCP/IP connections to a server


For UNIX stations to print jobs at NT print server:

  1. Install TCP/IP Printing Service on the server.
  2. Create a printer share with a printer name.

Use LPR to print and LPQ to see printer queue.

Hosts and lmhosts files

  • Host Names are not case sensitive.
  • Single quotes are used to enter a numeric hostname in the HOSTS file.


DHCP manager option 44 WINS/NBNS Servers specifies WINS server for hosts to use.


All DNS servers must be set up to use WINS. Cannot be done with just the primary.

Services started with WINS:

  • Messenger
  • Workstation

Services that register with WINS when they initialize:

  • Messenger
  • Server

Required for WINS:

  • Specification of NetBIOS name resolution node type

Services using different name resolution:

  • Browsing - WINS
  • FTP - DNS
  • UNC path - WINS
  • NT Explorer - UNC path - WINS

UNIX to Windows Communications

If on a UNIX server, FTP is not set up to use authentication, log on as anonymous.

To connect NTWS to a UNIX server with authentication, do the following:

  1. Install PWS on NTWS
  2. Create ftproot directory
  3. Disable anonymous login.

Application Integration

Two applications running on seperate servers with seperate IP addresses. To merge both onto one server:

  1. Install one NIC on the new server.
  2. Allocate both IP addresses to the NIC.

Name Resolution on Segmented Networks without WINS

To allow each BDC on subnets to communicate with the PDC across a router:

Create an LMHOSTS file on each BDC with a PDC entry.

To get a workstation to be able to contact PDCs or BDCs in the domain:

Add a #PRE and #DOM entry in the workstation LMHOSTS file for each domain controller.